Friday, May 28, 2010

Thinking about encaustics

This is an encaustic painting I did in Shawna's workshop. It was a shower gift for the beautiful Lindsey Jane of Lindsey Jane Photography. I like how you can sketch into wax, that might be my most favorite thing about it.

Speaking of encaustics... more are soon to come! I'm pretty dang excited about my decision to move into this medium. For me it is a big commitment in a lot of ways so... it's kindof, well, it's just BIG!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Decoupaged pressed flowers

arica 4 x 4 pressed flower over acrylic painting

aspen leaves 4 x 6 pressed leaves over acrylic painting

Aspen Leaf 4 x 4 pressed leaf over acrylic painting

The Blues 4 x 4 pressed flowers over acrylic painting

Columbines 6 x 6 inch pressed flowers over acrylic painting

It knew when I pressed these flowers last year that I would wish I had done more.

I'm ready for summer now :)

You can find most of these for sale at my Etsy store.