Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting ready for the Mission Federal ARTwalk!

The last month has been a blur. We moved back in to our house in MT, and settled in. I set up my studio first thing, and went right to work. In order to save money and spare Jolie a bumpy transition, we opted not to put her into day care, and instead Daniel stepped up to fulfill the parent duties while I worked nights to finish as much work as possible to showcase at the Mission Federal Artwalk in San Diego this month.  It's not a schedule we want to keep up, but I must say I do love working under a deadline like this. It was so satisfying to be able to really focus and get so much done.  Here are a few sneek peeks.

Rusted Sky  8 x 8 Encaustic on wood

Windswept  8 x 10  Encaustic on wood

I needed to keep the work small since I'm shipping these...

 Across the Valley 4 x 6 encaustic on wood

 Orchid  5x5 Encaustic on wood

 Mountain Flowers  5x5  Encaustic on wood

Bouquet  5x5  Encaustic on wood

Mounted Prints.
 This is kindof a new thing that I experimented with and the results
are beautiful, though hard to get good photos of because there are a few layers
of translucent wax over the top of these.

Big Sky I  5 x 7 Encaustic Mono-print, mounted on wood panel

Big Sky II  5 x 7 Encaustic Mono-print on wood panel 

 Big Sky III  5 x 7 Encaustic Mono-print on wood panel

 Loosened Ties  5 x 7 Encaustics (pair) on panel

Festival Girls 8 x 10 Encaustic on panel

Blooms 8 x 10 Encaustic on panel

The next post will likely be a report of the show and photos of my booth. Until then visualize me selling tons of paintings under sunny skies! 

~ Karen