Friday, April 3, 2009

A few hours work

Progress! I finally got a few hours in the studio today and did some satisfying work on the Wine Lover and Old Vine painting.

The Wine lover got a background layer, some darkening and defining in the shawl and dress, an antique wash on the skin and some definition around the eyes and eyebrows. I am wasn't quite ready to tackle the mouth yet, which has been looking a little vampirish...

The Old Vine painting got several layers in all the treed areas, shadowing in the central yellow hills, a green wash to determine where the middle ground vine rows will be, a layout of new vine rows in the far hills, a brown color base for the main vine in the foreground, some sketching in of the trunks that will be just beyond it, and a little bit of color on the distant hills.

I have so many ideas and so little time these days, but in the works are another Big Mountain painting, some children's nursery sets and a few random floral pieces.

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