Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love This Day

So this is a piece Jolie helped me with. She also helped me with the title. As I mentioned in my last post she has become impossible to keep out of the studio, but as luck would have it, turns out she's the most wonderful little studio assistant. I hope this phase lasts for a while because it's pretty fun. I set her up and let her go to town at the easle while I surreptitiously get a little work done at the table behind her. Periodically she shouts for a new color. "Red, need red mom!" I procure an acceptable red and she shouts with glee, holding the tube of paint up like it's some kind of lost family heirloom found again. "Yes, Yes, Love Red MOM, LOVE THIS RED!" She then proceeds to get some of that paint on the canvas amidst jumps and whoops and then, following a period of blending, and exploration, it's on to the next exciting color. Kids are pretty cool.

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