Sunday, July 24, 2011


 The Whitefish Garden Tour and Open Studio day went really well. There was a good turnout, paintings sold, children discovered the delights of rhubarb, sorrel and steppable mosses, and anyone that was interested got to learn about what encaustics are and how they are made.  I will definitely be doing this again! Here are a few photos from the day.

The working side of the studio (actually shot these the night before)

 The "gallery" side.

My office

 It was fun transforming this area of my studio into a little gallery. I took this shot before I fixed the
track lighting I see.

 My book nook

 My main work table, I'm currently on the hunt for one more large, sturdy table 
so I can start making bigger pieces. Mostly works in progress on that wall.

 There's the easel that Daniel made for me 10 years ago,  Jolie's heart painting, and my beautiful utility sink.

 This is why the paintings are hung just a little higher than normal ;)

 After the tour, the gardeners met up and relaxed in Bonnie's garden, which really deserves a post all it's own... I love her little greenhouse

 My favorite thing about Bonnie's outdoor decor

Topped off the day with a refreshing Wheatfish at Great Northern Brewery.


  1. I enjoyed taking a tour of your studio! Looks like a fun place to work in!

  2. great post! thanks for all the pics. the studio looks awesome. very inspiring! xoxo