Thursday, January 17, 2013

Encaustic Mono Prints

Just before Christmas, I got addicted starting learning how to do a mono printing process with encaustics. Here is a peek at the latest prints. I am doing as many as possible in preparation for Artwalk.   The reason I started looking into doing these, was because I wanted to offer an affordable print alternative to prospective buyers. Encaustics are expensive, and a large investment for most folks, and I've noticed that many artists offer limited edition prints, but... if I think about it,  I would personally much rather have an original piece than a digital print if possible, so I started experimenting with this process as a way to do that. I have been using all sorts of handmade papers to try and hit on the one I like the best but it's tricky, and so far the best is a japanese rice paper traditionally used for painting with ink.  Here's a step by step photo guide of what the mono print process involves:

 An anodized aluminum plate is placed on the heated palette and the
painting is done straight onto the plate.

 A sheet of paper is cut to size and carefully placed over the heated wax paints
and the paint is pressed into the paper.

 Voila! Beautiful, frameable, encaustic paintings on paper!

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