Saturday, September 27, 2014

Recent things... I've got some making up to do.   
Here are a few of the mono prints available in my Etsy shop right now.

I call this one contrail, or is it chemtrail? Hmmm

There are too many to photograph and post, I've been on a tear getting ready for the holidays.

This is "Blaze", an 11 x 14 encaustic on wood panel from my September art walk show at the Rare Bird. Have you been up to our little gallery yet? It's quiet in the summer, except on opening nights, but now the children are in school and there is work to be done and the rusty gears that ground to a halt somewhere around the middle of July are starting to get oiled and turned again.
Oh Rare Bird... I have so many plans for you, waiting to hatch like little sweet robin eggs... all in good time, all in good time my dearies.

Here are some more recent paintings

"Bouquet in a Blue Glass Bowl"  8 x 10 Encaustic

Magnolia Blooming Low  Encaustic 20 x 20

Leaves in a Cobalt Vase  Encaustic 8 x 10

Jolie Stacking Rocks  Acrylic 11 x 14

Bowman Memory  Acrylic study  16 x 20

Horse 8 x 10 acrylic, (in the Etsy shop right now)

View from the Tent  Encaustic 11 x 14  A dear old friend bought this one from me, I
love that he will be hanging this in a beautiful new house he's been building.

Drifting...  40 x 60 Acrylic  

 good morning mix
a morning mix for you, it's like I'm sending you a mix tape, remember those?

I've been getting into lately. I'm loving this classical mix.
And this sort of folky one.

I think fall must be my favorite creative time.  Creatively speaking, it seems I freeze up in midwinter, thaw in the spring, get frazzled and distracted (and have too much fun) during the summer, then with a mighty effort, pull together all the simmering ideas and thoughts into big creative bursts in the fall.  I just now figured that out. Now,  how to not freeze in the first place,  that's a thought.  

My Garden was a travesty this year... I'm joining a CSA next year I swear...

 anyone need some horseradish?

strawberry shoot invasion

The false spirea (I think?) that is wanted for the murder of my coral yarrow and bleeding heart

The shovel that I should have used more often

The plus side, seed gathering and big, spindly, bolted, weedy bouquets

I'll leave you with this photo I took in Ovando, where I dream about buying a ranch and waking up to this view every morning, after which I do about a million chores that involve goats, chickens and horses,  then go have coffee at the Stray Bullet Cafe... yeah that would be a pretty good life

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