Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello World

Well, I decided I would give a few little sneak previews of my latest projects which are dolls. I remember a few people asking me when I was pregnant whether the whole experience of having a child would change my art, and I'd reply with "I'm to tired to think about it" or something equally as evasive. Truth is I had no idea what direction my art would take. Didn't really think it would change it at all. Then one evening, I was remembering this cute soft doll that my aunt made me when I was little and I thought, I could do that! So I got out some materials, and went to work... making the Frankenstein of all Dolls. I was a bit disappointed so I put the strange thing aside and moved on to painting a few canvases for the nursery. Stick to what you know right? Well, as it happens, a little while after I had Jolie a friend mentioned I should take a workshop being offered by a dollmaker I had admired for a long time, Jane DeRosier, (she's listed on the blogs I follow, Gritty Jane, check it out). So I took this workshop and Woosh! Inspiration hit me like a truck. I had been wanting to do something 3D-ish for a long time and this satisfies that urge. But what is really making me love doing them is the reaction I get from Jolie. I've made 3 dolls now and she gets so excited when she sees them. It's pretty cool. I mean she can be in the middle of a cry and I'll bring her over to where the dolls are hanging in my studio and she'll stop crying and immediately start waving at them, saying hi and giggling. Talk about rave reviews eh? So my idea when I started them was that they would look cute on the wall above her crib.... but that turned out not so practical. I'd have her ready to take a nap, walk her into her room, be humming lullabies to her sleepy face and be about to lay her down and she'd pop up and start jumping up and down and screaming with joy over seeing the dolls. problem. So now they are my art studio companions, and instead of turning into the cat lady I thought I'd be, I'm might now be well on my way to becoming the doll lady. I've even caught myself saying "You have fun sweetie, I am going to stay home and work on the dolls". Hmmm...

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  1. Really cool Karen. I love how they calm Jolie. This one looks great. I would love to see the real ones. Are you still on Etsy? These would probably sell there too. I like that you trying new things. Good on ya!