Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frankenstein lives

Here is a picture of Jolie giving hugs to that good old Frankenstein doll, my original sad attempt at doll making. I had left her for dead, but the other day, my friend Kim was babysitting while I ran errands, and during that time, Jolie suddenly made a connection to the doll, picking her up, hugging her and patting her back... showin' the love, how sweet! Only, poor "Baby" as we had been calling it, was still faceless, and Kim said Jolie would turn her around and around, seemingly looking for some features to identify, which makes sense since that is her most current obsession. My mom had stitched a nose bridge into one side so perhaps she was confused. "If one has a nose, shouldn't one also have eyes and a mouth? Where are they?"
Mother guilt kicks in... here I am making art dolls with rosy little cheeks and smiling lips while my own daughter's handmade doll is rolling around unfinished and faceless at the bottom of the toy basket.
That evening I grabbed needle and thread and went to work. And now, "it's alive!" Muhahahw... but, there was one teensy problem. See, I really am not equipped for embroidering hair and eyes etc... so I used some rather improvised materials, and as a result, I somehow turned Baby into a rather mousy looking person. Daniel, upon looking at her declared, "well I know one thing, she's not Baby anymore. She looks like some sort of schoolyard know it all..." Of course this made us all laugh, and I had a good chuckle, but on the inside, a nagging worry...
Had I ruined the rustic beauty that was Baby? Would my daughter reject her, or worse, cultivate a deep seated anger for the wrong that I had done to her little snuggle companion? Of course not you neurotic newbie mom! When I nervously presented the doll to Jolie the next day, she snatched it out of my hands and excitedly tapped at her eyes, "eyh eyh!". Yes! She was pleased with my work. Mother guilt dissolved... So now Frankie is enjoying the view from the top of the toy basket. May she live in peace and not fall apart too soon.

Frankie wearing the dress my Mom made.

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  1. Well I like her and our daughter is just adorable!

    Love your husbands comment about the doll looking like a school yard know it

    Take care,