Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ready for your closeup?

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Miss Jeanie




Elegant Annie

Here are some close up shots of the art dolls I've done so far. 3 and 4 are Gritty Jane patterns and the others are my own that I adapted. Whenever possible I recycle materials to make these little gals, but I'm still trying to find the happy medium between doing these art dolls that are sculpted and painted to something made from more natural materials that Jolie can gum to her heart's content. I was watching antique roadshow and they had an old wood carved doll head that they talked about. Some sweet old lady made them for the local kids then later turned it into a full on company, still with the heads carved by hand, she attached them to cloth bodies but very few of the bodies survived.


  1. Your dolls are all so much personality!! Thanks for letting me share with you in the art show Karen!

  2. Karen, I love your dolls! You have a new fan in me. Thank you so much for visiting me today :-)