Monday, June 29, 2009

Lucky 13 Icons

This month's Lucky 13 theme is icons. I hemmed and I hawwed, pondered and mused and finally I realized I'd better just get something done, so I did a quick graphite sketch of Audrey Hepburn, icon of style and sophistication. To bump the arty factor up a notch I filled in her top with black acrylic paint and did a warm white acrylic wash in the background.


  1. just whipped this one up, eh? this is fabulous! i love audrey hepburn. well done, karen!

  2. heh heh, well, I did worry a bit too long over her ponytail, which turned into a blurred mess :)

    Thank you though!

  3. wow... i too love audrey and this is fabulous. i love your work!