Monday, March 22, 2010

Encaustic Workshop with Shawna Moore

Vineyard II 10 x 10

Here are photos of pieces I produced this last weekend during a truly awesome two day encaustic painting workshop with Shawna Moore. Click on the images to see them in a larger size.

I've been interested in this medium for years but it would take an overhaul of my studio to commit to it so I've just been learning little bits about it here and there to see if I'm really into it. I am so grateful Shawna gave a 2 day workshop. It was such a luxury to have all that time to play and experiment with the medium in her comfortable, well-stocked studio. I got to meet and hang out with some great gals, and had full access to Shawna's tools, supplies and extensive knowledge.

The pieces I came out with are a bit childish and seem very unfinished now that I look at them here, but I'm still ridiculously happy with them. Maybe someday I'll add some more layers.

In the meantime I'm right where I want to be with rejuvenated creativity and inspiration. So it's back to spring cleaning and project finishing and after that... a new direction? :)

Dearest Child 10x10
(my first piece using cursive, always wanted to do that)

Faraway 10 x 10

Hazy Mountain 10 x 10

Vineyard I 10 x 10

Earth and Sky 11 x 14

Flowers in a Vase 8 x 10



  1. They look awesome! The encaustic painting sounds intriguing too..

  2. These are fantastic! I'd love to come see your studio first hand when I get home in September.
    Perhaps we could paint together for a couple days... I'd love to see how you work... get some fresh inspiration. It would be fun to bounce ideas off each other. As always, a pleasure to see your new work!!

  3. Thanks guys! These were so fun. Mandy I'll mssg you about that!

  4. These look great... but the one you did for me is the best :) No, I really like them. You are so very talented my dear!