Friday, March 19, 2010

Jayme McGowan, Awesome Paper Artist

I had really only about 3 thoughts when I walked through my door last weekend after being gone for nearly 4 months.

1. I'm finally home!
2. Wow it's clean!
3. Umm, I really need to do some painting.

Before I left I hung a bunch of half finished pieces on my walls to keep them safe and sound... I neglected to think about how my poor housesitter would have to look at them all winter though, it really could be considered a special form of torture, half finished art.... Mental note to drop a bottle of wine by his house this weekend...

Anyhoo, all I want to do is finish those suckers and start in on my next project. So in the next few weeks I'm hoping to do some major spring cleaning in my dusty little studio, finish a bunch of those long neglected pieces and put them up for sale on Etsy!

In the meantime. I want to introduce you to another awesome artist. Her name is Jayme McGowan and she does the most beautiful paper art I've ever seen. I subscribe to her blog and I must say that every time she posts something I click over and check it out. I absolutely love how she posts photos of the art as it is in progression, her materials and process. It's fascinating to get a sneak peak into another artist's studio. It's best I think, to check out her website first drool over her portfolio, and then follow the link to her blog to check out her postings. The cool thing about her art is that she offers it in print form at her etsy shop. Check it out.

"The Knife Juggler," wall art illustration, Fawn & Forest, 2009

"Secret Concert," wallet illustration, Poketo, 2009

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