Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Change is Scary. But Fun

We had such lovely weather this last weekend, and wouldn't you know it we all came down with sore throats, which is disconcerting for many reasons, the worst being that our first downtown gig is tomorrow night. I hope I don't literally croak... ahh but that is a story for another day. Maybe Friday... (It's Thursday night at the Crag if you want to come see us, look for the Cannonball posters)

It was a stressful week yes, but today my dear readers, something wonderful happened! I finally laid brush to wax! That's right, the encaustic side of the studio is now in use... well sort of. You see my ventilation system is not installed yet, so I cheated a little, and froze a little with all the doors and windows open, but it wasn't too bad. I will post sneak peeks soon I promise.

My but it is exhilarating doing something new in one's own studio! I learned many things;

1. I probably should have changed out of my good sweater (will I ever learn?)
2. The Opal Aqumarine hotcake by Enkaustikos is AWESOME
3. Making your own medium is really not as intimidating as it looks
4. Burning your fingertips is part of learning how to work around hot plates
5. I must remember to inspect and pick out on average 5 dog hairs between each layer of wax
6. I need a bigger studio. Just kidding... but not really
7. I almost got scared and started painting on an unfinished acrylic painting I have on the other side of the room right before I fired up the hot plates, I had to give myself a pep talk. Change is scary. But fun.

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