Monday, August 9, 2010

Garden Photos and Fair Memories

I haven't done much in the studio today except press a page of dill flowers. But I did take a few photos...

I'm lovin' the new camera... it's not one of these credit card sized point and shoots, it's got some heft. I pick it up and I feel like I really could get that National Geographic job. Best thing about it though, it makes me feel like I'm 11 years old again, snapping black and whites around the farm with my Gradfather's old Minolta. My mom would help me, even drive me around early in the morning, looking for the perfect dawn landscape. I would enter my carefully chosen photos in the Tillamook County Fair. Man I lived for that Fair.

Oh to be young again just for a little while... to feel the elation of the elusive blue ribbon, to be set free (after double checking my Holstein) with my rag tag band of 4H friends in an exciting world of carnies and townies! Set free to be hurled around in those questionable rides, marvel at the race horses, eat sticky caramel apples and be out after dark... Ahhh those were the days.

Of course now I have to go searching for one of my old fair photos but all I can find is this... I think I was a little peeved about that red ribbon ;)

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