Monday, December 20, 2010

A few new little things...

Well Merry Christmas!
Whew, I've really neglected this blog.

Here are a few pictures of paintings I've been doing.
It's a bit random. OK very random. I've been forcing myself
to go through my big stack of half-finished canvases.
I'm hoping to have these up for your viewing pleasure
(if you live in Whitefish that is) at the Wrap and Roll Cafe
very soon. So maybe it's time to try their new breakfast burritos eh?

the difficult to photograph (because the background is metallic)
Vase of flowers on a red checked tablecloth
11x 14

Flowers in a green vase
10 x 10

(can you see the sleepy face?)
 Mountain study, encaustic
10 x 10

Night Voyage
11 x 14
the moon and stars glow in the dark
kids dig it

Sitting Nude 8 x 10 Encaustic 

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