Thursday, May 19, 2011

In The Deep

In the Deep
8 x 8 encaustic

Sold (somebody DID like it!)

I don't know that anyone will really like this piece so I might keep it for myself... In fact it was a different piece, a vineyard that I had tried to get to march over a hill but the vines just would not behave.  I was letting Jolie scrape the wax back for me when I saw another possibility, a memory of waiting for the ferry in Anacortes and an even more distant memory of April Point and a time spent  listening to an old Uncle's sad stories, and observing the water life there.

6/14/11 Update, Just for you Diane and Sara :)  Here is a photo of the original piece I decided to scrap, you can still see certain elements that didn't get all the way scraped out in the finished piece.


  1. People will like it: I love this one!! I like wild things.. :)

  2. I missed this one somehow. I actually love it and really love the story behind it. ..Kristen