Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh man I'm a horrible blogger,  it's been much too long since I've posted. So here's a little catch-up post.  Since April we've been settling into San Diego. Our beautiful little cottage in orange county didn't work out very well for us, but I think our path was eventually pointing us here anyway so it's all good and I don't regret the time we spent there.

We've been getting Jolie comfortable at her new school and scouting the area for a place to call home, which we found and are now counting the days until we can move in. A nice little spanish number with a pool and a poolhouse that I believe can be a good studio space for me once I figure out a few logistics, but more on that later! In the meantime, here are a few photos to fill in the gaps.

Jolie and I recently went up to Calistoga for a few blissful weeks to visit my sister Anne and her family. While there I tasted some killer wines from Dana Estates and Red Mare and once again became artistically inspired by the landscape.

I've been visiting the water gardens in Balboa Park often. Next time I go I'm going to bring my good camera so I can capture the American Lotus flowers, which are in full bloom right now and so beautiful.

I've become a pinterester, though this attempt at making a whimsical after school snack turned out much more gruesome than it was supposed to be ;)

 We've experienced and conquered head lice... just typing this makes me feel itchy though...

Seems like we spend almost every weekend at the beach...

 Totally met this crazy surfer....

Hmmm what else...

listening to Andrew Bird
Saw Ivan & Alyosha  holla!
got tickets for Florence and the Machine
Missed Gillian Welch like an idiot because I'm so unorganized right now
Enjoying my beautiful San Diego family-in-laws
Taking in all the art fairs we can muster
Digging the farm to table restaurant and slow food movement that's happening here
Soaking up the vitamin D
Enjoying and savoring all the time I get to spend with my husband and daughter

And lastly, getting mentally prepared to have a studio space and practice my art again. Giving up so many of our luxuries and comforts has been freeing and cathartic, but I'm a rootsy kind of person and I'm ready to start planting again so hopefully the next post will be soon, and I will be able to show you something new.

Happy Summer Days to you all,


  1. yay!!! i just bookmarked you on my new computer :) i like this post! more please! great pics. cant wait to see the new paintings coming out of that new studio of yours. love and miss you, sweets!

  2. Thanks babe! I can't wait to create something, preschool starts up again on Monday. So no more excuses, time to work! :)