Friday, October 5, 2012

New Encaustic

wildflowers 8 x 10 Encaustic

I've been busy doing a series of red-vase-white-flower obsessed still life encaustics lately. This little beaut is headed up to the Persimmon Gallery very soon. I will be posting a few more once I knock out the photo session. Photographing encaustics is a bit difficult. One must wait for the perfect overcast conditions and light to be able to capture them without glare, and even then it takes experimentation to get it right. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

In the meantime, I have had a pretty great month getting back into the studio, getting some commissions started and some summer sales, times are good so I'm thinking of sharing the love a little, stay tuned for a Giveaway I think... more on that later. 

So I saw Florence and the machine last night, and she rocked,  what's more is she inspired... she wore the most amazing full sleeved velvet trimmed maroon backless gown and ran around in black slippers like an exuberant ballerina, all the while nailing runs, vibrato and sustained notes. What an amazing woman. She is so statuesque and interesting looking, I was definitely creatively inspired to paint her!
So if a bunch of art nouveau style red headed figures start popping up in my work you'll know why.

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