Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rainy day

Sent these two pieces off to the Persimmon Gallery today.  I uploaded them in a large format so you could click on them and explore the texture a little.  

 Orchid 8 x 10 encaustic and mixed media on wood

white flowers 8 x 10 encaustic on wood

Today was a rare rainy day in San Diego. While Gertie slept and watched the raindrop patterns on the pool, I relished the cooler temps and mostly just stayed inside and took the opportunity to experiment with mark making, fuse random colors, and do little odd jobs...

 Oil sticks... so smooth to work with
 deep fusing

Isn't this one interesting?
Daniel captured this one of me fusing away, Gertie's such a good studio dog.

I think my next post will be about all my works in progress I have going right now. I have so many ideas they are all bubbling out in different sessions. I should probably try to focus in a bit but it's tough to resist an idea when it sparks up.

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  1. very cool karen. encaustic is so amazing for you. love the fusing.