Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Large format images

Here are a few large format images of pieces that are in my work for sale gallery right now
Also, I lowered the prices on most of these babies because I know a lot of organized folks are already getting their shopping done for Christmas and I dare say an original work of art makes a truly unforgettable Christmas gift! I am offering the landscapes and sunflower through the website only until Dec 1st, so don't wait if you want to buy them (this is because I am taking all my goodies off to the gallery after that date).  Click on the images to explore.

 Flathead Valley 8 x 10 Encaustic(SOLD)

 Los Olivos 8 x 8 Encaustic

Lost Beach 8 x 8 Encaustic

 Rolling Hills 8 x 8 Encaustic

 this image shows the deep cradled board I used for "Rolling Hills" and Los Olivos"  I love the natural wood look.
Proud Sunflower Encaustic 12 x 16

Side View of Girl with the Blue Hair  18 x 24 Acrylic on canvas

Detail of her face
And there's the painting in the background of a recent party. Aren't we all looking fabulous? :) The flowers on the dress are a pattern I am developing in other work, here's a sneak peek...

 Detail of the Blue Haired Girl's dress

 Detail of the encaustic version (needs work, but I like it)

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