Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Beautiful Summer

While this blog has been quiet for the last few months, my life certainly hasn't! Summer in Montana is a rare time. Each day is a unique sparkling thing, not to be wasted.  We've been fitting it all in, river trips, hiking, camping, berry picking, family reunion and wedding attending, gardening, yard sale having, BBQing, playing music to our hearts content (my mando callouses are getting quite respectable, now if I could just remember all the chords), in short, my life feels full on these long sunny days and I am grateful for it.

 In the studio I am working on some fun projects, a wedding invitation (breaking out the watercolors and my favorite dip pens for this one I heart Gillots 303), a 16 x 20 encaustic landscape commission of a special place, Mt. Kintla, and a few acrylic on canvas projects of local mountains. You can keep an eye out for updates on these projects on my facebook page.

In the Gallery I have some news! Artist Kerry Kage Harp is going to be moving into the gallery in September and together we are going to offer workshops, shows and a lot of other fun ideas for the winter. Kerry is known for her detailed assemblages and is going to be teaching some of her tricks!  I first met Kerry in 98 when I moved to Whitefish, we were some of the only non-western artists around so naturally we found each other right away and have always had a supportive artsy connection.  I am so excited for this new partnership.

Oh yes and more Gallery News, I have filled my featured artist calendar up! I'm looking forward to bringing the following artists into the gallery and I am working hard to advertise and get folks to come see their beautiful works.

August 1st. Jess Iams Opening First Thursday Artwalk 6-9 and hanging until the end of the month. Here is her artist's statement: "Inspired by surrounding natural beauty, street art, vintage, pets and friends, expressionism, natural patterns and the intricate color combinations of all living things I create my paintings. Taking the function out of an image and turning it into just something to look at and ponder is a very interesting endeavor and I seek the balance and control gained by creating imagery that evokes something out of the viewer. Be it pain, passion, calm, fear, excitement, bliss, memory. Through grids and intricate color combinations, the paint lives to please, to teach, to cover white walls, to evoke!" Jess's work will be up until the end of the month. If you didn't make the opening stop by the gallery.

September 5th. Katia Von Kral  Opening First Thursday Artwalk 6-9. Katia is an Arizona artist who works in large format mixed media. Katia's work will be up for just this night only.

September 22nd. Mandy Mohler and Betty and The Boy.  The title of this show is Artist Wilderness Connection : The Logan Dirtyface Sessions.   In the summer of 2012, local artists Mandy Mohler, Bettreena Jaeger, and Josh Harvey participated in the Artist Wilderness Connection, an art program coordinated through the Hockaday Museum of Art and the United States Forest Service. The three artists hiked seven miles into the forest and camped at Spruce Park for a little over a week. This show is a presentation of their artistic collaborations. The work on display will consist of fine art photography, photographic encaustics, paintings, a short film and live music. Bettreena Jaeger and Josh Harvey will perform with special guests Kati O'Toole and Alex Hogle.

November 22  Beloved local artist Kerry Nagel will be showing her recent works. More info to be announced.

Now, a little bit more about the workshops...  if you have been feeling the need for creative outlet and are interested in signing up for an acrylic painting mini workshop (space is limited to between 4 and six people),  let me know if you want an email reminder for signup dates. I'm going to be putting together the details in September and will be offering a handful of workshops for October and November and maybe early December. I'm also going to be offering private encaustic mono-printing workshops this fall (get creative and fill your Christmas gift list in one session!).

Happy summer,

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