Thursday, February 12, 2009

St. George's Guardian Angel

This here is number 4 of the lucky 13 cards. The theme of this card is "Saints and Sinners". My idea here was to do a St. George vs. the Dragon type theme but for some reason one night I got all fired up trying to do a softblock print after I watched a grittyjane tutorial, (she's got a ton of great how to stuff on youtube) and I ended up sticking a print of the little heart angel on my card. So then, I thought, well oops, but I still wanted to do St. George. So I titled it "the heart of St. George" figuring she could be his guardian angel or something, whatever works at this point! So I kept on with my theme and here it is, in all it's wacky unorganized-ness. I always admonish myself that one of my weaknesses when it comes to art is not thinking things through enough, and this is a classic example!

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