Friday, February 27, 2009

Recuerdo Frida, Sweeping off the dust

In a perfect world I would be posting progress work on paintings but that precious combination of creative energy and extra time have been elusive lately! We have been doing the final re-texturing and painting job in our kitchen so, while Kim, my most excellent friend and owner of Artistic Interiors fine finishes is mudding away, I have been busy doing things like taking down my spice shelf and wondering how I ever let it get so cluttered.

This is my Frida Shrine. As I was dismantling my kitchen, I took it down and realized I hadn't dusted it in quite a while, which, when you burn wood for heat like we do, equals quite a lot of dust after a few years! So I shined it up and did a little repair or two and realized I should have done it a lot sooner. The shrine is something I did a while back, I think it was for participation in a Cinco de Mayo show or something, but I never put it in because I decided not to sell it. I don't have enough time to really discuss my thoughts about Frida Kahlo. But I will say that her art, and her story greatly affected me, and helped shape me as an artist. So I thought I'd share the prayer I wrote on the back of this shrine.

Let her suffer no more
Love her as the masses now do

Grant her soul the peace
that it never had upon this earth

Grant her soul the awareness
of an endless feast
of joy and beauty

Grant her soul long life
in the hills of heaven

Sleep Frida Sleep


  1. Beautiful. I love the poem. (and you are becoming quite the blog guru yourself!:)

  2. oh and I love the shrine, your art as well. meant to say that in first post... whoops. i'm no blog guru!