Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lucky 13 Card "The Tornado Wrangler"

This is another lucky 13 card I just finished. The theme is "Embracing Chaos". It took me forever to think of what I wanted to do with this one. Whenever I think of the word chaos a tornado comes to mind, so I couldn't get away from that idea. Also when I think of chaos I think of my house and how it sometimes gets away from me clutter-wise, especially now we have the kiddo. So I imagined a woman embracing the tornado that is swallowing her house. The only problem is she came out looking like she wanted to grab the tornado and chuck it into the hills... hmmm should I sell the house and go live in the woods and never wipe down the counter or mow the lawn again? Believe me I think about it and may even do it someday! So, psycho-analyzing my domestic nature or lack thereof aside, I named it "The Tornado Wrangler" and called it good.

I must admit as each lucky 13 envelope comes to my door I've been more and more amazed at how creative the cards are. Even the envelopes are gorgeously painted and decorated. I never even thought to do that. These folks are talented. I think I'll scan the next bunch in and share them with you. Stay tuned for another wine lover update, I'm working on her tonight.


  1. Hello purple girl, we don't know each other, I just entered your blog by chance but I'm glad I did, I like very much your style and even we don't know I would like to congratulate you for your job.
    thanks for these paintings
    I'm not an expert but, as a "whoever" I will say the ones I like most are the tornado wrangler and the dream

  2. Thanks very much! and thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Really LOVE this Karen. I got an idea for you in AZ. and want to see what you think. Let's get together soon!