Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old Vine painting, a work in progress

These are the beginning photos of a commission piece I've been working on. I did several sketches before I started this because I am not working directly from a photo or actual location. It's basically just an idea born from looking at several Napa landscapes and head pruned vine illustrations. In the first photo (from the bottom up) you can see that I laid down a wash of yellow, brown and splotches of french grey and green. The reason for the splotches is because I also laid down a very heavy textured gesso first, but unfortunately it froze in my studio as it was drying so it created several deep cracks. At first I thought I would start over, but the cracks are kindof cool. So I pushed some paint into them and will seal the painting several times over when it's finished to prevent further cracking.

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