Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How about a Christmas Sale?

Tomorrow, Thursday, get online and check out my Facebook page around 1:00 Rocky Mountain Time. You'll see I am doing a little bit of house cleaning. Actually it's house emptying, as Daniel and I have decided to make the big move from glorious Montana to sun-warmed California this January. There are fifty very practical reasons why this is a good move, but I don't think my heart will ever leave Montana, or even the Northwest really... this is a special place, filled to the brim with special people. It's scary and sad and exciting all at once.

So it's time to let go of some things... and paintings that I've had around, that don't quite fit into the larger bodies of work, but that I still love... well, let's just say the prices are going to come down, wayyyy down. Hopefully they'll never be this low ever again! But I wanted to give folks an opportunity to own a piece if they've never quite been able to before. So it's first come first serve. First person to message or state in the comments that they want to buy it gets dibs! So tomorrow, hop over to my facebook page look for the album titled Christmas Sale, it should come up around 1:00 but then again my connection is finicky at times so we'll see ;) Anyway,  take a look, you might see something you like :)

 and here's a super stealthy sneak peek at 5 of the 17 or so pieces that will be posted


  1. Miss you! and just nominated you for a blog award!!! Hope you are doing well in the sun+sand!

  2. wowza thanks Lindsey! I don't know if I deserve a blog award, what with my random posts and all ;) I am hoping to get more refined about it after I get my artistic production back up and running down here. Finding affordable studio space is proving challenging! Wish me luck! :)