Monday, November 7, 2011

Persimmon Pics

 "In Livingston" getting framed up the day of the opening, there is always one last thing to do!

 Jeweler  Callie Cooper working at the Persimmon Gallery. My "Cut Flowers" series on the wall.

 Green Framed Landscapes and the Anthropologieland series

Kim and Corrie viewing the landscapes

  Wayne taking it in 

Four super talented artists; Persimmon members Jill Gotschalk, Callie Cooper Deliah Albee and Louise Lamontagne one of my favorite oil painters! It was such a treat to be in their company!

Also, the Persimmon Gallery Co-op members have asked me to stay on as a represented artist! So you can count on being able to see my work in person the next time you stop in. Thank you Persimmon artists!

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