Sunday, November 27, 2011

Studio Visit, Kerry Nagel

Some people just get art on an entirely different level. My friend Kerry Nagel is one of those. Whenever we visit I always come away feeling inspired and determined to delve deeper into my own creative outlets.  Delightfully new thoughts crop up, artistic possibilities seem endless. She is a person who has her finger on the pulse, specifically, at the moment, in the three dimensional, sculptural world of fiber arts.  It's fascinating to hear her describe the processes she has developed and discuss the history and evolution of her pieces and the ideas that brought them into being. Observing how she surrounds herself and lives with art as a collector has inspired me as well. Her choices are fearless, eclectic, whimsical and serene. When one enters her home, one needs to just sit and absorb for a moment, look around and let the beauty permeate.

Last month my friend Kim Lindstrom and I drove down to visit Kerry at her beautiful home in Lake Mary Ronan.  Here are just a few pictures from the day. Kerry's home itself is a work of art (designed by Kerry and her equally talented ex-husband Scott in collaboration with Malmquist construction) you can see it in detail here as it is for sale. It is laid out in three pods;  a garage and woodworking shop, a living pod that also has a cleverly situated guest room, and a curving gallery hallway which leads to the sleeping pod, which includes two bedrooms, a master bath and Kerry's art studio. It's so thoughtfully and originally designed that one simply must visit.  If only I were a professional photographer... but here you are, a little peek.

One of the beautiful little farms alongside the road to Lake Mary Ronan.
Flathead Lake in the distance.

 In the living pod, Modigliani over the fireplace

 Close up of the pod shown in the first picture,  titled Chinese Lantern

Kerry and Kim discussing the construction of one of her pod pieces

 Kerry's beautifully designed, curving hallway gallery includes artists, Susie Brown, Scott Nagel,  Donna Gans, Kathy Bonema Leslie, Burt Brent, myself and Olivia Stark (with whom Kerry collaborated on a large body of figurative sculptural work, one of which is positioned in the hallway under the middle window).

 Golden Anniversary

 A ceramic column by Margret Gregg (my favorite!),
an early, colorful vessel For Pablo, and a bodaciously bosomed 
painting of my own which Kerry bought when I first met her in 1999

 One of Kerry's first paper sculptures, Emergence

 The sculpture in the middle is titled Whalebone

 Peeking into the art studio

Homage to Ace

Moroccan Pod

Close up of Scroll

 The artist in her studio with Wishbone and Why I Don't Eat Oranges

Thank you Kerry! We had a wonderful time :)

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  1. Her space and art look amazing. Thanks for the pics! Nice entry, Karen. xoxo